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    Study in Uppsala University - Sweden

    Founded Year: 1477

    Founder: Jakob Ulvsson
    Public university in Uppsala, Sweden

    Uppsala (Sweden)

    University Ranking: 124

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    IBT :90 PBT :575

    IBT :100 PBT: 600




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    Uppsala university Courses and Programs

    Uppsala University – Sweden

    Uppsala University is the oldest university in Sweden. It was founded in 1477. It is an international research university advancing in the field of science. It is renowned for its high-quality education. Uppsala belongs to the Coimbra Group of European universities and Guild European Research Intensive. Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC) is listed amongst the largest life sciences canters in Europe and offers education and research facilities in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, biology, and dietetics, and psychology.

    University Achievements

     It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and Eight scientists at the university have been ed the Nobel Prize.

    University Courses:

    Bachelors at Uppsala university are:

    • Art, design and media
    • Business and management
    • Computer science and IT.
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