University of the Philippines Diliman


    Study in University of the Philippines Diliman

    Founded year – 12 February 1949

    Roxas Ave, Diliman, Quezon city, Metro Manila, Philippines.

    Global ranking – 1609

    National Ranking – 2

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    Undergraduate tuition fee -31,500 PHP.

    University of the Philippines Diliman Courses and Programs

    University of the Philippines Diliman

    University of the Philippines Diliman was established in the year 12 February 1949. The university is known for its best quality education and with lower tuitions fees compared to the other universities.

    The teachers at University of the Philippines Diliman push and encourage the students to be ready for the real world after completion their education. The university has best facilities for the students and offer undergraduate and graduate programs to the students.

    The university has 399 in global world ranking and University of the Philippines Diliman is known as one of the top public university.

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