Top Universities in italy

Italy Colleges and Universities Quick Information

  1. University of Milan
  2. University of Bologna
  3. Sapienza University of Rome
  4. University of Padua
  5. University of Turin
  6. Vita-salute San Raffaele University
  7. University of Florence
  8. Catholic University of Sacred Heart
  9. University of Pisa
  10. University of Naples Federico II
  11. University of Genoa
  12. University of Verona
  13. University of Pavia
  14. University of Rome Tor Vergata

  1. Polytechnic University of Milan
  2. University of Padua
  3. Polytechnic university of Turin
  4. Sapienza university of Rome
  5. University of Naples Federico II
  6. University of Bologna
  7. University of Trento
  8. University of Salerno
  9. University of Pisa
  10. University of Pavia
  11. Politecnico di Bari
  12. University of Palermo

  1. Sapienza university of Rome
  2. University of bologna
  3. University of Padua
  4. University of Turin
  5. Roma Tre University

  1. Politecnico di Milano
  2. Scoula Normale Superior di Pisa
  3. Scoula Supiriore Sant ’Anna Pisa
  4. University di Bologna
  5. Sapienza – University di Rome

  1. Politecnico di Milano
  2. University of Padova
  3. Bocconi University
  4. SDA Bocconi School of Management
  5. Rome Business School
  6. ESCP Europe Business School- Torino Campus

Italy Colleges and Universities

Politecnico Milano is a technical university in Italy, established in 1863. It is the largest Italian university in engineering, Architecture, and Design. The university campus is situated in Milan and other nearby Italian cities like Lecco, Cremona, Mantova, and Piacenza.

The courses offered by the university are:

  • Master of Science in Architecture
  • International full-time MBA
  • Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

University of Naples Federico II is a public university in Naples, Italy. Founded in 1224, it is the oldest university in the world. The university offers various courses in the field of agriculture, architecture, economics, pharmacy, law, engineering, medicine, and surgery, veterinary medicine, biotechnological sciences, mathematics, physics and natural sciences, political sciences, sociology, humanities.

The University of Bologna is a research university in Bologna, Italy. Founded in 1088, it is the oldest university and the first university in higher-education and degree awarding institutes.

The courses offered by university are:

  • Masters in civil engineering
  • Masters in automation engineering
  • Master in economics

Sapienza University of Rome founded in 1303 by pope Boniface VII, is one of the oldest universities in the world. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees to students, in the field of natural sciences, humanities, biomedical sciences and engineering, a variety of research programs are offered by Sapienza University.

  • Masters of Science in Business Management
  • Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Masters of Science in Engineering in Computer Science

University of Padua is an Italian university situated in the city of Padua, region of Veneto, northern Italy. It is established in 1222, is a second oldest university in Italy. The university comprises of agricultural sciences and veterinary medicine, economics and political science, law, engineering, medicines, psychology, science and cultural heritage, research organizations and science and technology centers.

University of Milan is a research-oriented university, founded in 1924. The institution established by the merger of the Academia Scientifico- Letter aria and the Institute Clinic di Perfezionamento.

The courses offered by university are:

  • Economics
  • Law
  • social science
  • Humanities
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Science

Polytechnic di Torino is a public university in the city Torino. Established in 1859. The university offers courses from undergraduate to Ph.D. level, in engineering, architecture design and urban planning. It also provides research activities in 4 research areas like civil and environmental engineering architecture industrial design., industry engineering, management and mathematics for engineering, information technologies.

University of Pisa is an Italian public research university situated in Pisa, Italy. It was founded in 1343. It is the leading member of ICoN, anin the field of philology and cultural studies. It has 20 departments with high-level research centers, such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Astrophysics
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine
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