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    Why to Choose Ireland as Study Destination

    Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. It is separated from Great Britain to its east by the north channel, the Irish Sea, and St George’s Channel. Ireland is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in Europe. It is split into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland is still a part of the UK, while the Republic of Ireland has its own identity. Ireland consists of a central zone, surrounded by mountainous areas. The highest peak is Carrantuohill in County Kerry. The main river is called the Shannon, beginning in the north, flowing south sand culminating in the Atlantic.

    The Republic of Ireland is divided into 30 administrative regions, mostly tied to the 26 constituent countries.


    • Dublin: capital of Ireland
    • Border region
    • West region
    • Midland region
    • Mid-east region
    • South-east region
    • South-west region
    • Mid-west region

    Major cities:

    • Dublin
    • Belfast
    • Cork
    • Derry
    • Limerick
    • Galway
    • Craigavon
    • Waterford
    • Drogheda
    • Dundalk

    Ireland is a wonderful country with green meadows, rocky “lunar” landscapes, deep lakes, and fast-flowing rivers. There are four seasons in Ireland:


    Spring: March to May, daily air temperatures fall between 4 and 7 °C

    Summer: June to August, with mean daily temperatures of 4 to 16 °C

    Autumn: September to November, daily temperatures of 17 °C

    Winter: December to February, daily temperatures of 8 °C

    The British pound (IEP) was the national currency of Ireland, which was replaced by the Euro in 2002 as part of the EU common monetary union.

    Symbol: IR €

    Indian conversion: 1 Euro= 88.99 INR.

    There are many top universities in Ireland offering top courses for students to pursue their higher education.


    Top courses in Ireland:

    • Data Analytics
    • Business Analytics
    • Data Science
    • Big Data
    • Computer Science
    • Cyber Security
    • Cloud Computing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Software Engineering
    • Artificial Intelligence

    Popular programs:

    • Medicine and health sciences
    • Business
    • Engineering and computer science
    • Law
    • Education
    • Agriculture
    • Arts, science, and journalism

    Top universities in Ireland:

    • Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin)
    • Dublin City University (DCU)
    • National University Ireland (NUI-Galway)
    • University of Limerick (UL)
    • University College Cork (UCC)
    • University College Dublin (UCD)
    • Maynooth University (NUI Maynooth)


    Top universities in Ireland for MBA:

    • University of Dublin
    • Trinity college
    • Griffith college
    • Dublin business school
    • IBAT College Dublin
    • University college cork
    • Irish Management Institute(IMI)
    • University of Limerick

    The Irish education system is one of the best in Europe. The country has a rich culture and tradition. Ireland is home to some of the best universities in the world. The universities provide the highest quality education and an excellent education system for students. Many universities in Ireland provide scholarship opportunities for international students. It benefits students with post-study visas after completion of their course.


    Irish education is made up of:


    Primary education: children do not have to attend school until the age of 6. Irish cation is child-centered


    Second-level education: it consists of a 3year junior cycle followed by a 2 year or 3-year senior cycle


    Third-level education: it is made up of several sectors. The university sector, the technological sector, and the colleges of education.


    Further and adult education: further education comprises education and training which takes place after second-level schooling but which is not part of the third-level system.

    The Republic of Ireland is one of the richest countries in the world. The economy of Ireland can be described as a knowledge economy that mainly focuses on financial service, high tech, and life science. The primary industries in Ireland rely on rich natural resources, such as agriculture,

    mining.  forestry and fishing.


    Industries in Ireland are:

    • Pharmaceutical and medical technology industries
    • Software and ICT industries
    • Financial service industry
    • Export and trade industry

    Ireland has two types of student visa:


    • Ireland ‘C’ study visa: is for study programs/courses that are for a total duration of three months or less.
    • Ireland ‘D’ study visa is for study programs/courses that stretch longer than three months.

    Study in Ireland With Uniglobe

    The education sector keeps growing, and students having the basic idea to grasp trending technologies is today considered fundamental. 

    Overseas education now offers many study programs for students worldwide. Study destination plays a vital role. Ireland, located on the west coast of Europe, is renowned for its hospitality. Universities in Ireland offer free fees initiatives for EU students who are financially backwards unable to pay fees. Students aspiring to study in Ireland must meet the minimum English language requirements. IELTS preparation is a must before joining any Irish university.

     Education in Ireland is compulsory for children from the ages of 6 to 16 or students who have completed years of second-level education. Ireland education is of three levels: primary, secondary and higher education. Primary schools in Ireland are generally privately owned by religious communities. The NFQ specifies the standards of Irish education qualifications. The fees for international students vary according to the type and duration of the course.

     Higher-level education comprises universities, colleges, and institutes of technology that are Irish government-funded. Higher education consists of two semesters:

    • The first semester: Starts in September and runs till December
    • The second semester: Starts in January till May.

    Studying for any master’s in Ireland is a significant choice for many international students. MS in Ireland is a 1-2 years degree program available in formats like course-based, research-oriented, or a combination of both courses. The degree programs include M.Sc., M.Eng. MBA, and MA. Eligibility requirements consist of IELTS and GRE/GMAT scores. Basic knowledge of C, C++, Java, Python are mandatory for most courses. To study master’s in Ireland 3-4-year bachelor’s degree is compulsory. 

    Many students dream of pursuing an MBA course abroad. Due to high expenses and competition, it becomes difficult for students to achieve those dreams. MBA in Ireland overcomes this problem and makes their dreams come true. A 1-2 years degree program is available as a full-time, part-time, and executive program. Students can work on live projects while doing their full-time projects, which are part of the curriculum. MBA in Ireland is affordable. Undoubtedly, it would be the best decision to choose Ireland as a study destination to pursue MBA.

    • University of Dublin
    • Trinity college
    • Griffith college
    • Dublin business school
    • IBAT College Dublin
    • University college cork
    • Irish Management Institute(IMI)
    • University of Limerick
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