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    Study in Polytechnic University of Milan- Italy

    Founded Year – 29 November 1863

    Founders – Francesco Brioschi

    Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 20133 Milano - Italy

    Global Ranking – 137QS

    Milan Leonardo – it is extended in seven streets Leonardo, Bonardi, Clericetti, Mancinelli, Gran Sasso and Colombo.

    Milan Bovisa – It is located in the bovisa district of mila.



    IELTS of 6.0

    Undergraduate tuition and fees 3,500 EUR

    International tuition 3,900 EUR.

    Polytechnic University of Milan Courses and Programs

    Polytechnic University of Milan - Italy

    University of Politecnico di Milano was founded in the year 29 November 1863 by Francesco Brioschi. It is called as largest technical university in the Italy with large population of students in the university.

    The university has good ranking followed by the strong work by the university, also the University of Politecnico di Milano is ranked on top of 20 in the world ranking.

    Politecnico di Milano offers many interesting programmes and courses for the students and all the programs and courses are taught purely in English for the students.

    Students perusing education in Politecnico di Milano visit from all the places, students from more than 100 countries come to pursue their education. It is also said that Politecnico di Milano is located in the heart of Milano.

    Politecnico di Milano provides high quality education for both undergraduate and graduate and it is called as largest outstanding technical university in Italy. The university has seven campuses located in Milan and other nearby Italian cities.

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