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    Study in University of Bangor - United Kingdom

    Founded year – 18 October 1884.

    Founders –Quarrymen and farmers.

    Bangor, Wales.

    Bangor LL57 2DG, United Kingdom

    UK Ranking – 62.

    Global Ranking - 601-650 QS.




    IELTS of 5.5 for the University Undergraduate course.

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    Bangor University Courses and Programs

    Bangor University United Kingdom

    Bangor University is the university located at Bangor, Wales. It was established on 18 October 1884. The Bangor University was founded by quarrymen and farmers. Bangor University is known as the university college of North Wales.

    An excellent teaching community where students experience the best quality studies in UK. The University has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the environment for the students. They provide students a wide range of resources which help the students to fulfil their dreams.

    Bangor University is one of the most reputed university in UK with highest quality teaching, learning and good outstanding respect and results from the students.

    Pursuing MBA in Bangor University aims the student to provide the views about the business and understand the demands and parameters of the business. Bangor MBA train the students to the advanced knowledge, skills in the broad range of business, students pursuing MBA in this Bangor University gain the vast knowledge and improve their skills about the business. MBA is an opportunity to get out of the comfort zone and push yourself at the risk and try some news things which you haven’t tried before and Bangor University is the best platform to pursue MBA with quality study and knowledge.

    Bangor University provides a strong base and strong focus on the students. Bangor University also provide Online courses which is carried out by filling online application. Also Bangor University has developed in their fields. Bangor University also serve Undergraduate courses which acquires 3 years for completion. Also the other Undergraduate courses like Criminology and Crime Justice, Film, media and Journalism, Law, Music etc.

    The courses start from January and run for 12 months, if the students’ choice major course is not available, University recommend the student to refer September intake. The students studying in broad range around 10,000 with wide selection of subjects including Accounting and Finance, Forestry and Conservation, English literature etc is the specialization of the Bangor University.

    Bangor University is also awarded with Gold award for its excellence teaching and Framework which are the Achievements of the Bangor University. The students studying in broad range around 10,000 at Bangor University. Students experience lot of new things and also they are well developed with good knowledge and skills.

    Studying in abroad as part of your degree is the opportunity of a lifetime. By studying in other country you can experience and get many newer languages, many new things to learn. University provides high quality teaching and also with supportive learning environment with the beautiful location.

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